How is Predict predictably better dating?

People can be as superficial, dishonest and lazy as their technology allows them to be. So, Predict emphasises people’s words by always showing them prominently (no more verdicts on photos alone) making people more inclined to write and read profiles. It encourages particularly men (but also women and trans people) to be honest about their values and dating intentions. Women (but also men and trans people) can control whether they’ll match when important values and intentions are not shared.

Instant dating makes dates more likely to happen. By showing you’re free for a date in the next 3 hours, you can see which of are you matches are available too.

Finally, through the social match percentage, Predict tries to serve up less awkward dates. It does this by giving you a sense, for “free”, of whether someone might be conversationally compatible with you from your and their social data and combines this with the short values and intentions questionnaire to make the match percent more meaningful.

If I turn on Instant, can I turn it off and extend it if I want to?

Yes. You can control how long you appear as available for a date. Switch it off at any time using the Off toggle at the top of the page. If you want to extend it, you can similarly use the Extend toggle at the top of the page and it will set the expiry time to 3 hours hence.

How does anyone know that I’m available?

You will come up under Instant in their match list if they’ve switched it on too. You can also choose to Turn on Instant and Notify to let all your matches know that you’re up for a date in the next 3 hours. They, like you, can control whether the Instant notification is received though in App Prefs in the menu. If you just use the Turn on Instant button, then no one will be notified, they’d have to notice you in their Instant list.

What social data does the app collect to calculate the social match percent?

Just your page likes and about info are crunched to calculate it along with your answers to the 12 questions. We don’t request permission for, nor attempt any textual analysis of posts or any assessment whatsoever based on who your friends are. You can also optionally connect your Twitter account. If you do, we’ll use who you follow to fine tune your match percent.

What info will other users see about me?

They’ll obviously see the photos you choose and the bio you write. Of your social data, they’ll only see pages you both like and mutual friends. Answers to your value and intention questions are private.

Will my Facebook friends or anyone else see I use Predict?

The only people who will see you’re using the app are other users of Predict who match your search criteria. Predict will never post anything to your timeline.

How accurate is the match percentage?

Goes without saying that we continually try to make it as helpful as possible. The value and intention questionnaire helps to make it more meaningful and your social data help us give you a sense of your conversational compatibility with others.

How do I change my answers to the value and intentions questions?

See the Manage Answers button in Search, Match Prefs in the menu.

How do I update my location?

Under Distance in Search, Match Prefs from the menu. You can also tap Update Location when the map appears on the searching screen.

Can I use only photos from Facebook?

I’m afraid so. You can prevent new photos you might add from appearing on your timeline by adding them with audience/permission “Only Me”. For now we rely on the photo moderation done by Facebook. It monitors for hate speech, pornography etc. freeing us to focus on other features of Predict for now.

It tells me that no one is found, where is everyone?

Sorry about that. If you’ve broadened your search criteria as widely as you’re prepared to go and still not seeing enough people… then, it’s not much consolation but all we can say is that we are working on promoting Predict. We will notify you though when new users sign up who match your search criteria. Unless you’d prefer that we didn’t. See App Prefs in the menu.

What happens when I deactivate my account?

You will no longer appear to others for matching, but you will still be able to see and message all your existing matches and they can still message you. When you deactivate, you will also not see new people to match until you reactivate.

How do I delete my account?

Obviously we’re sorry to see you go, but you can easily delete your account in App Prefs from the Menu.


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